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General Rules and Guidelines- Please Read Before Posting

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General Rules and Guidelines- Please Read Before Posting

Post  PhoeniX on Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:01 am

Welcome to CommunityWarez.Darkbb.com

Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. It is your duty to check this section from time to time. Breaking any rule stated In this section could result in a warning or ban depending on the situation. All Admin & Moderator decisions are final.

This is a private forum and English is the language of the boards.

We reserve a right to accept or decline your membership application, so you are not guaranteed admission and your membership is subject to revocation.


1) 30 good posts to make a request and 50 good posts to make a porn request.

2) Check your files. Make sure the links are still working.

3) No flaming, bashing or spamming!

4) Check that your screen shot matches your file contents and that your image host has been approved by th3zone or does not download malware to the viewer.

5) Code your links. Hot linking is not allowed at our forum.

6) Make sure you have, and supply, the correct password for your files.

7) Search for prior posts of your shares. If you find any that were posted recently, post your share, or mirror, to that post. If you have trouble searching, refine your search terms.

8) Post your shares in the correct section, not everything belongs in General Software.

9) Post the correct or proper title of your shares. Unnecessary comments only makes it harder to find your files.

    We all make mistakes, if you come across something that isn't right, use the **REPORT** button.This is a tremendous TOOL to aid us in keeping the forum organized..however,please do not abuse this option.

You are highly advised to read the GENERAL FORUM RULES AND GUIDELINES further down below.This will help you to avoid trouble.


General Guidelines for all Forums

1. Social Behavior
No content that is considered racist, obscene or objectionable will be tolerated. All such posts will be deleted without notice. This includes avatars. This could result in the loss of your membership without reimbursement. Personal attacks on others will not be tolerated. We take politeness very seriously. You are welcome to challenge others points of view and opinions, but do so respectively and thoughtfully. Users caught flaming other users will have their accounts locked on sight, possibly with a temporary ban.

2. Repetitive Topics
Do not post the same thread in multiple forums at the same time. Before starting a new thread, search (search.php) for related threads. Duplicate threads will be deleted. This does not include posting a topic that someone else posted months ago. While usually considered bad form, this certainly isn't worth moderating excessively. Create threads in the proper forum.

3. Graphics Avatar and Signatures
Avatar size should not be exceed 180 x 180. As for your forum signature, it may contain ONE graphic image.( TWO for higher rank membership)not larger than 350 x 128 and/or text not to exceed 300 characters.

Please DO NOTplace [url][/url] tags. All ads links should be under approval from th3zone team. If you have any question, please PM admin/moderator for review.

The use of your forum signature to attack another member is not allowed. Admin/Moderator reserved all rights to removed your avatar and your signature at any time without prior notice.

4. Spamming, Power posting, and Advertising
Post if you have something valuable to add to the ongoing conversation. Refrain from posting only a short, meaningless sentence or only one emote/smiley. Also, avoid posting messages solely to get people to visit an external link (such as a personal website or referral link), especially if you are a new user to this forum.

Spamming/power posting includes bumping up old topics without adding new and substantial content to them. It also includes posting the same text multiple times in a row. Power posting also covers the 'me too' or "thank you" posts. 'Me too' posts are when users simply reply to a message with 'me too' or 'yes' or something inane like that. Please re-read the first sentence of this paragraph. Also, instead of posting additions / corrections to a new post of yours separately, please use the edit button instead. Refrain from posting advertisement of any form (commercial or non-commercial) as long as it is not related to an ongoing discussion.

5. Multiple Accounts
Signing up for multiple accounts is lame. One account per user. We catch you with multiple accounts, particularly if you are using them to start flame wars with yourself and others, you will be banned.

Note: Administrators and moderators reserve the right to post your registering email address and IP address in the event you manage to win yourself a place in dev/null (or any place we would create for 'lamenes')

6. Politeness
Be polite! We do not tolerate ANY rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive will receive one warning (at our discretion), and if the member offends again the member will be banned without warning and without reimbursement.

7. Disagreement
Users may disagree with the decisions or actions of the moderators and/or administrators (included forum members actions) However disagreements, criticism and the like are not to be aired within the discussion topics. Please feel free to PM the person directly rather than air your dirty laundry in public.

8. Disrespect to communitywarez staff
Any abuse towards our staff and/or management will result in immediate suspension of your account.

10. Do not act like you are the genius
Link(s) posted a month ago, don't even bother to complain, Warez is all about first come, first serve basis. Don't try to dig a link that posted a year ago complaining link is dead. A link does not last forever. Do not act like Einstein to another member. We all a learner once too.

11. Borderline Program Sharing and ETC
We appreciate member here share programs, however there is borderline crack programs related to our affiliate, communitywarez.board-directory.net team's friends, members, drama involve & etc are not allow to share in this forum. communitywarez.board-directory.net stand on nobody site but we choose not to involve such situation to respect both parties/member in this forum. If you are unsure, feel free to pm admin or one of the moderator for further guideline. Also please keep this in mind.

12. No Caps Lock, Spamming Link, multiple of exclamation mark
Fully caps lock sentence are now not allowed to be posted in this forum, this include capital letter of title at advertisement section to seek attention. It's considered as "shouting" and "rude" (exception to admin/mod used it to give reminder to members). Excursively of exclamation mark disallowed.

Secondly, strictly no PM ,advertising and/or spam links / discussion and/or promotion of your own site (for example a link "surf for money/win a contest with your reference name/id code on it either a community site - "Review my site", "Hiring Staff" and etc) and related to money making is prohibited to be posted in this forum which we classify as SPAM. CommunityWarez.Darkbb.com reserves all rights to determine what contents to be removed at anytime to censored the link from posting in future. We are very strict over advertising / spamming link.

13.Religious or Political Postings
We do discourage postings on religious or political matters.Unfortunately the very topic you think would be joyous usually ends up with notations of hammering or the abuse of others viewpoints. There are forums aplenty of this nature we recommend you go there for these type of discussions do not bring them to this forum.

14. Warning & Appealed
We do not give warning to member without any appropriate reason. However, for those whom have shared fair contribution to the board, you are welcome to use our Report system to have your warning removed respectively. CommunityWarez team reserved all right to determine final judgment which means no begging, no pm's, no email and what so ever. We Appreciate your co-operation.

16. Posting Resources
Please post the resources DIRECTLY to the download/contents. We have zero tolerance toward hidden download resources [ links which are stored on third party web/file hosting site, supposedly containing "other" links ]. CommunityWarez.Darkbb.com reserves all rights to expose/add/edit your links publicly without prior notice.




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